A mouse, A pencil and A stapler

This is my final assessed piece in the painting unit on the art class.

We are meant to take a picture of something and draw it in an artist's style. The artist I chose was Morandi. He was very famous because a Chinese TV show used the Morandi Colors for all the clothing. To be true, I am really note satisfied by this painting. It is meant to have more light brown colors and some dark blue colors. It was fine at first, when everything was light brown, but my art teacher advised me to mix the browns and the blues together. It did not come out as I expected, but my art teacher said it was really good.

Morandi's painting
Next time if I was advised by my art teacher again, I would listen to my heart, and do what I think is beautiful. It isn't my art teacher's fault that it did not come out good. Everyone have their own taste of art.

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